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Tree house /Rumah pohon nusa penida

tree house nusa penidapulau seribu

This tree house is located at an altitude overlooking Atuh Beach. This location makes the Batu Molenteng Tree House an attraction for tourists who want to visit. The existence of the location of this tree house is quite extreme and challenging, that is, it is located on a tree that is not too big but has many branches and trees that have been cut down, leaving few leaves. There are neatly arranged wooden stairs and ropes as handrails to make it easier for visitors to enter the tree house.

Raja Lima Viewpoint is a spectacular viewpoint with panoramic views of the sea and various islands. This scenic spot got its name because of the many small islands and unique rock formations that can be seen in the ocean. This is one sight that cannot be missed if you visit Nusa Penida. Precisely located in Pelilit Village, more and more tourists are interested. Beautiful sea views and tree houses on cliffs provide satisfaction for lovers of natural beauty.


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